Discover Nature by playing I Spy or Sponsor someone who is


The Challenge:

Spot and identify things in nature to earn points. Nature is so wonderfully varied. Here we challenge you to learn to find and identify specimens occurring in nature. You will be given points for each specimen you find.

Take part and extend your love and knowledge of all the wonderful things around you.
  1. You record the date and place where you spotted your find.
  2. You can optionally take and upload a photo of your find. You can replace the photo with a better one at any time.
  3. We will award you points for each find, the rarer the find the more points you get.
  4. We will keep a league table of spotters for different age groups, so that you can compare how well you are doing with others your age.
Set yourself a sponsorship target and raise money for HEAL, you will be giving hope to those less fortunate than yourself.

Categories of Finds

We have 8 categories of finds to spot:

Birds of the USA

Butterflies of the USA

Fungi of the USA

Insects of the USA

Trees of the USA

Wild Animals of the USA

Wild Flowers of the USA

Zoo Animals of the USA

What to do next:

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  • If you would like to promote one of our 'spotters' by sending an email to family and friends which tells about the I Spy Challenge and gives a link their sponsorship page, click the 'promote' button.
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